Book a Private, One-On-One Pole Dance Lesson

At Electric Daisy Fitness, we want you to gain confidence and explore your own personal movement style. We offer individual instruction in pole dance techniques. Private appointments are available to all students and all skill levels, including those brand new to pole dance.

Advanced Students: If there is a specific move or technique that you want to work on, please contact the studio before booking your appointment to make sure we can accommodate you.

Rent the Studio for Private Practice on the Static or Spin Pole

Interested in additional practice time? Rent the studio for personal practice on the static or spin pole. Studio Rentals are booked by the hour, and only one participant is allowed in the space at a time (no partners, groups, or spectators). An instructor will be present to ensure student safety and enforce studio policies, but a lesson will not be provided. Prior pole dance experience is required (minimum 3 mo.), so if you are new to pole dancing, please book a private lesson instead.

Please be aware: Studio rentals are for personal use only, and may not be used for profit or instructional purposes.

Learn How To Pole Dance With Your Friends

If you prefer to learn with friends, we offer private pole dancing lessons for pairs and small groups under our colorful neon lights, as well as Black Light Pole Privates for up to 4 participants under our glowing black lights.

Train from Home with a Virtual Pole Dance Appointment

Virtual Appointments are available upon request, and taught via Skype. Virtual appointments are for individuals of all skill levels, and can cover a range of techniques, including floorwork and conditioning. If you would like to book a virtual appointment, please send us a message below and we’ll confirm whether we can accommodate your request.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Full payment is due at time of booking to reserve your appointment. Visit the Studio Policies page for more information on cancellations, expiries and conduct.

For virtual pole dance lessons, participants are responsible for having their own home pole, and ensuring that their home pole is installed safely and correctly.

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