What is pole fitness, and where did it come from?

Pole “fitness” is another name for pole dancing that is performed for recreation in a dance studio or gym setting. Pole dancing – as we know it – originated in strip clubs, and was first introduced to the public as a fitness option by strippers in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Today, pole dancing is performed in gentlemen’s clubs, dance studios, competitions, concerts and entertainment venues worldwide. But if you enjoy pole as a recreational activity (especially dancing in heels), please respect the profession and support those that continue to put in the work to shape and popularize our dance in the clubs.

To learn more about the history of stripping and pole in the US and Canada, check out the episode “The Truth, but the Hole Truth,” by Yes, A Stripper podcast published in 2021. Listen to it on Spotify.

Is pole dancing really a sport?

Yes. Pole dancing and the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) was recognized as an official sport when it received “observer status” for the Olympics Games by the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) in 2017. They describe pole as a performance sport combining dance and acrobatics on a vertical pole, requiring (1) great physical and mental exertion, strength and endurance to lift, hold and spin the body, and (2) flexibility to contort, pose, demonstrate lines and execute techniques.

At Electric Daisy Fitness, we believe pole dancing is work, performance art, and a competitive sport. Negative or demeaning language about strippers and sex workers will not be tolerated.


Where are you located?

Our studio is located on Delaware Ave in the Town of Tonawanda. The studio’s main entrance is parallel to Delaware Ave, a few doors down from Art of Glass, AOG Cigar Lounge, and Express Windows. There is plenty of on-site parking, but please enter through the studio’s front entrance. All other doors into the studio will be locked.

Do you have a changing room?

No. Please arrive dressed and ready to dance, if possible. While there is a bathroom on location, it is shared with other tenants of the building.

Do you have spin poles?

Yes. Our studio has 45 mm chrome and stainless steel X-Pole dancing poles that can be locked (static) or set to spin.

How can I contact you?

For new or prospective clients with questions about the studio, our preferred form of communication is email or contact form message. For existing clients with questions or changes to a booked class or appointment, please send us a text, email, or contact form message.

How many participants do you allow per class?

At this time, Drop-In classes and 4 Week Series have a maximum capacity of 5 participants per class. Workshops, pole jams, and private appointments allow for greater capacity.


Who can participate in pole classes?

At Electric Daisy Fitness, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in group classes and private appointments. Otherwise, adults of all genders, ages, shapes, and abilities are welcome. We encourage all students to let us know how we can best support you during your visit, within our scope of practice and ability.

Please be aware: Pole is a physical activity. You are responsible for your body, and ensuring that the activities are not harmful to any injuries or medical conditions, past and/or present. If you are injured or recently underwent surgery, please allow your body to fully heal before starting pole. When in doubt, talk to a medical professional before starting this or any fitness routine.

Do I need to be fit or have previous dance experience to start pole classes?

No. There are absolutely no requirements to enroll in a beginner class or book a private. We value the fundamentals; all classes are designed to build skills safely and progressively.

I’m pretty fit, but I’ve never taken a pole class before. Where do I start?

Everyone starts in our Beginner Pole Dance (Level 1) series regardless of their current level of fitness.

How long will it take before I…?

Everyone learns and grows a little differently, so we do not set a specific timeline for how quickly you will progress. As a general rule, we ask that you complete each level at least twice before moving on to more challenging coursework. You are welcome and encouraged to repeat classes as often as you like, however. If you have a specific goal or move in mind, please communicate with us to see if and how we can best support you.

I’m under 18 years old, can I attend class if I’m accompanied by an adult or have a parent/guardian signature?

No. While children’s pole programs do exist, this is not an offering at Electric Daisy Fitness. You must be 18 years of age or older to visit.

I’m pregnant, can I participate in pole classes?

We want you and baby to be safe and healthy. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends avoiding high risk activities that may result in a fall, while pregnant. At this time, our studio does not recommend starting pole fitness if you are pregnant. Please talk to your doctor about safe pre- and post-natal exercises and activities.

Can men take pole classes?

Yes. Men can participate in pole dance classes and appointments at our studio. All genders are welcome here!

What do I wear to pole class?

Always be yourself and dress to your level of comfort. That said, skin grips a metal pole better than fabric, and we embrace pole’s sexy origins. Therefore, we recommend wearing clothing that can be either easily removed or was made to show some skin. Please remove all jewelry, and do not apply lotion or oils before class. Knee pads are recommended for classes with floor work. Unless specified, classes are performed barefoot or in socks.

Can I wear heels?

Heels may be worn with instructor approval during practice time (if any), or when specified in the class description, but are worn at your own risk. Pole heels, like Pleaser, Hella or Ellie brands, are the only kind of heels allowed in our studio. Please no street shoes or heels with metal details.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Please bring water to stay hydrated. While we have yoga mats available at the studio, you may bring your own yoga mat for the warm-up.


Do I need to sign up in advance?

Yes. To prepare for your visit, all classes and appointments must be booked in advance; no walk-ins.

How do I sign up for classes?

All services are booked online. To enroll in a 4 Week Series, please visit our 4 Week Series page. To purchase and book drop-in classes, please visit our Class Schedule page. For private individual or group appointments, please visit our Book an Appointment page. Our studio uses MINDBODY booking software. You will be asked to create an account, if you do not have one already.

I booked a class, but I’m running late, what do I do?

For your own safety, you must be present for the warm-up. Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate in class. If you arrive late, and the door is locked, please be respectful and do not disturb the class.

I booked an appointment, but I’m running late, what do I do?

If possible, please let us know if you are running late for your appointment. All participants must arrive within 15 minutes from the appointment start time. The instructor has the right to cancel a private appointment without refund if participants are more than 15 minutes late. Extra time will not be provided for late arrivals.

I booked an appointment, but can no longer attend, can I reschedule?

Private appointments for individuals and groups can be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment, you lose the appointment.

I enrolled in a 4 Week Series, but can no longer attend the Series, how do I cancel my reservation?

If you purchase a 4 Week Series, but are no longer able to attend, you may cancel your enrollment up to 72 hours before the first class of the Series to use on a future Series (expiration dates still apply). Once the Series has started (or within 72 hours of the first class), individual classes cannot be rescheduled or transferred, and any missed classes will be forfeited.

If I cannot attend one or more of the classes within a 4 Week Series, can I make up that class?

No. By enrolling in a 4 Week Series, you are committing to all 4 weeks. There are no make-up classes.

Can more than 12 people attend a pole party?

No. At this time, our maximum is 12 people for pole parties (no more than 3 per pole).

Can less than 12 people attend a pole party?

Yes. For ease and convenience of booking, we now offer pole parties at a flat rate. Twelve is just the maximum number of participants that we will allow in our studio.


How much are classes?

We offer several pricing options per service. Please go to our Pricing page for details.

Do you offer free classes?

No. We require payment for all classes.

Do you offer discounts for strippers?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount on all Open Pole passes and 60 minute studio rentals for current and former dancers. Please go to our Special Offers page for details.

I have a Class Pass on File, Can I Apply it to a 4 Week Series?

No. Our 4 Week Series have separate pricing and enrollment from our Drop-In Group Classes. Class Passes can only be used on the available drop-in classes.

Is the price for a private appointment per person or the total cost?

The price listed for a Glow Pole Party or Small Group Appointment is the total cost for your entire group.

If I book a private appointment, and some participants are no longer able to attend, can I get a partial refund?

No. There are no partial refunds if members of your group can no longer attend.

Can I book now and pay later?

No. With the exception of donation-based classes, all services must be purchased in advanced on our website, our MINDBODY Online Store, or the MINDBODY Mobile App.

How does payment work for a donation-based class?

Donation-based classes are offered on a sliding scale from $10 to $30. Participants choose what they pay for class within this price range ($10 minimum). As space is limited, participants must book the class in advance. Payment is due on the day of class; CASH ONLY.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit and credit cards online. In the studio, we only accept cash payments for in-person purchases at this time.

Do you sell gift cards?

Digital gift cards are available for purchase through our website, and delivered by email. We do not sell gift cards in the studio, so save yourself a trip.

I received a gift card, how can I redeem it?

A prepaid, electronic gift card to Electric Daisy Fitness that was purchased online, can be used for purchases online on MINDBODY, in the MINDBODY Mobile App, or in person at the studio.

Do you offer refunds?

No. We do not offer refunds. All sales are final. View our Studio Policies page for more info.