Pole Dancing Classes: Tricks & Techniques

At Electric Daisy Fitness, our group classes are designed to focus on specific pole dance elements, so you can decide what you practice week to week. Regressions and progressions will be offered in every class to accommodate a range of skill levels. All classes start with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your body for exercise and pole work.

If you are a new or beginner pole dancer, we ask that you complete a minimum of 4 Pole Dance Fundamental classes before moving on to our more advanced courses. Some students may require more time in Fundamentals to build strength and establish their comfort level with the pole. That’s ok!! You may repeat this class as often as you like.

  • Pole Dance Fundamentals

    Skill Level: Beginner and Above
    Pole Dance Fundamentals is your introduction to pole dance. This class is geared toward students with little to no pole dance experience, or any dancer looking to refresh their knowledge of basic techniques. In Pole Dance Fundamentals, you will learn foundational poses, walks, spins, climbs and more with the static pole.

  • Floorwork Fundamentals

    Skill Level: Beginner and Above
    Slink, circle and wave in Floorwork Fundamentals. This class focuses on graceful transitions and fluid movements off of the pole. Explore sensual movement as we flow through a series of leg, hip, and chest circles, body waves, and other isolations, all while strengthening the core muscles.

  • Spin Pole Techniques

    Skill Level: Late Beginner and Above
    In Spin Pole Techniques, you will learn how to control and work with the spin as you climb and create shapes on the spinning pole.

  • Pole Dance Spins & Flows

    Skill Level: Intermediate and Above
    In Pole Dance Spins & Flows, you will learn how to move fluidly with and around the pole. The instructor will teach a combination of progressive spins, exotic flows, and floorwork. Students may use the static or spin pole.

  • Pole Dance Inversions & Conditioning

    Skill Level: Intermediate and Above
    In Pole Dance Inversions & Conditioning, you will learn how to condition your body for inverts (going upside down), and how to transition into and out of a range of tricks up on the pole. Students may use the static or spin pole.

Want more time to breakdown a combination? Determined to get into a new pose on the pole? We also offer one-on-one, private pole dance lessons.

4 Week Series

At our studio, we encourage you to develop a well-rounded exercise routine. While all of our drop-in pole dance classes include stretching and toning of the body, we also offer a targeted group exercise class to help you reach your personal wellness goals while reducing the risk of injury and imbalances.

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