Pole Dancing Classes: Tricks & Techniques

At Electric Daisy Fitness, our group classes are designed to focus on specific pole dance elements, so you can decide what you practice week to week. Regressions and progressions will be offered in every class to accommodate a range of skill levels. All classes start with a dynamic warm-up to prepare your body for exercise and pole work.

If you are a new or beginner pole dancer, we ask that you complete Beginner Pole Dance: 4 Week Series or a minimum of 6 Pole Dance Fundamental classes before moving on to our more advanced classes. Some students may require more time to build strength and establish their comfort level with the pole. That’s ok!! You may repeat this class as often as you like.

  • Pole Dance Fundamentals

    Skill Level: Beginner and Above
    In Pole Dance Fundamentals, you will learn beginner spins, climbs, and standing techniques with the static pole. No experience required.

    We also offer a 4 Week Beginner Pole course on a select schedule for students looking to enroll in multiple classes. Pole Dance Fundamentals is offered every other Saturday while our Series is in session.

  • Spin Pole Techniques

    Skill Level: Late Beginner and Above
    In Spin Pole Techniques, you will learn how to control and work with the spin as you climb and create shapes on the spinning pole.

  • Heel Techniques

    Skill Level: Late Beginner and Above
    In Heel Techniques, you will learn how to pole dance in heels. This class focuses on heel aesthetic and safety to create graceful transitions and fluid leg movements with the pole, and on the floor.

    There is a functional benefit to wearing heels while dancing. Heel work originated in strip clubs, and the shoe is symbolic of strip culture. As always, we ask you to be respectful of strippers and the profession.

  • Pole Dance Inversions & Conditioning

    Skill Level: Intermediate and Above
    In Pole Dance Inversions, you will learn how to condition your body for inverts, and perform a range of inverted techniques UP on the pole (static or spin). This class focuses primarily on Level 1/2 inverted techniques and dismounts (i.e. basic invert, chopper, and leg hangs).

  • Open Pole Practice

    Skill Level: Late Beginner and Above
    Open Pole is your opportunity to practice the moves and combinations from class on the static or spin pole.

4 Week Series

In addition to our weekly classes, Electric Daisy Fitness offers 4 week pole dancing courses to help students develop a consistent pole practice. Our 4 Week Series focus on specific pole dance techniques over an extended period of time. We’re currently offering Beginner Pole Dance and Pole Dance Choreography in a 4 Week Series.

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