LAST UPDATED: Dec. 2, 2020

Due to new Orange Zone Restrictions issued by New York State on Nov. 18, 2020, all in-studio services have been paused for the time being. We regrettably cannot offer in-person appointments at this time.

Schedule a Virtual Pole Dance Lesson with Electric Daisy Fitness

While we wait for in-person services to resume, we want to continue to support you during your pole journey. We offer virtual pole dance lessons for individuals of all skill levels. Book a virtual lesson to learn spin pole techniques, static pole techniques, exotic dance flows, floorwork combinations, flexibility and mobility, and/or conditioning for pole. Just let us know what you what to focus on, and we can tailor the lesson to your goals.

A 30 minute virtual lesson is not recommended for pole dance flows or techniques; please book a 60 minute lesson instead. Advanced Students: If there is a specific move or technique that you want to work on, please contact the studio before booking your appointment to make sure we can accommodate you.

We are currently offering Studio Rentals* for individuals, and Private Appointments for individuals, pairs and small groups (Max: 4 participants). We are not booking large groups or parties at this time.

All participants must be 18+ years old, wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES, and pass a temperature check and health screen. Please visit our COVID-19 FAQs page for new studio policies and safety guidelines that will be enforced.

*Studio rentals are for individual practice only, not for profit or instructional purposes. Only one individual is allowed within the space during a studio rental. Learn more.

Our schedule may take a moment to load.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Full payment is due at time of booking. Private appointments, virtual appointments, and studio rentals may be booked up to 48 hours in advance, and rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance. Visit the Studio Policies page for more information on cancellations, expiries and conduct.

FOR VIRTUAL CLASSES: Before performing this and any other at-home exercise, be sure to remove any debris or clutter to reduce hazard and create enough space to move freely. Please also check that any equipment to be used is properly installed, and in good and safe condition. By participating in virtual classes, you are performing the exercises AT YOUR OWN RISK, and are responsible for monitoring your health throughout the class. Electric Daisy Fitness, LLC will not be responsible or liable for any injury, harm, or damage resulting from your participation in virtual classes.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. The instructor has the right to cancel an appointment if participants have not arrived within the first 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment. Late cancellations and no shows will not be refunded. Extra time will not be provided for late arrivals. YOU are responsible for contacting the studio if you are running late and/or can no longer attend your appointment.

Drugs and alcohol are not allowed on premises and should not be consumed prior to class. Visit the Studio Policies page for more information on cancellations, expiries and conduct.

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