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Pole Dancing Courses at Electric Daisy Fitness

Electric Daisy Fitness now offers the 4 Week Series to focus on a specific pole dance technique over an extended period of time. Our 4 Week Series are further broken down by skill level, so students can work at their own level, and progress to more advanced coursework when ready. By enrolling in a 4 Week Series, students are committing to all 4 weeks of the course; no make-up classes.

Skill Levels Explained:

  • Skill Level 1: No Experience Required

    For students brand new to pole dancing, this is where you start! No previous dance experience, strength, or fitness level is required to take this class.

  • Skill Level 2: Late Beginner – Intermediate

    For students who have completed the Beginner Pole Dance series (or equivalent) at least one time. A basic comfort level and understanding of pole dance is required, as students will begin to learn more challenging techniques up and around the pole. For trick-focused classes, students do not have to know how to invert – a.k.a. go upside down – to take this class, but should know how to perform a fireman climb and be able to lift two feet off of the ground with control (i.e. in a pole crunch, fan kick or beginner spin, etc.).

  • Skill Level 3: Intermediate – Advanced

    For students with prior experience, demonstrate good control, and have a strong comfort level with the pole. For trick-focused classes, students should be able to perform a basic invert from the ground or aerially. For dance-focused classes, students should be prepared to freestyle and perform complex combinations to music.

All students must be at least 18 years old to participate in group classes. 4 Week Series are offered on a set enrollment schedule, and cannot be rescheduled. If you register for a series and can no longer attend, please inform the studio ASAP. Visit the Studio Policies page for more information on cancellations, expiries and conduct.

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