The Owner, Kelsey

Hello and welcome to Electric Daisy Fitness!

My name is Kelsey, and I am the owner and trainer at Electric Daisy Fitness. I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor and XPERT certified pole fitness instructor. I started pole dancing in 2015, and immediately fell in love with its power and grace. It is that love that motivates me to keep practicing, to travel and train with amazing individuals, and now to share that passion and knowledge with you.

Pole dancing is no longer just a novelty, or something solely performed in strip clubs. It is a competitive sport, an expressive dance form, and a legitimate fitness option that offers physical, mental and emotional benefits. I believe in those benefits, because I’ve experienced them firsthand. I’ve grown stronger and more flexible, but more importantly, I’ve gained a deeper understanding and respect for my body. With that knowledge, I’ve been able to progress and move in new ways.

How you move, and what you gain from this experience will be entirely unique to you. You may feel uncoordinated, awkward, and silly during your first few classes – that is completely normal. If you love it, keep going! Don’t ever let fear or doubt stop you from trying something new.

Be fearless.